Healthy Steps - 30 day Walking Challenge

Walking offers all the steps to better health. Take part in our Healthy Steps 30 day Walking Challenge. You can start already today. Whether you`re already an avid walker or ready to get started, the Healthy Steps - 30 Day Walking Challenge is a great way to get on the road to better health. Walking is one of the easiest ways to stay active and get exercise, and you`ll have the possibility to get fresh air and enjoy nature at the same time. By completing the challenge you will be rewarded with a personal diploma documenting your success.

Walking is one of the easiest ways to stay active and get exercise and take care of your personal health. And it`s cheap - all you need is a pair of comfortable shoes and a willingness to take action for a better health.


Benefits of walking Among other benefits walking will:

- Give you more energy and make you feel good
- Promote your health and well-being
- Tone your muscles
- Increase the number of calories you burn
- Reduce stress
- Help you relax
- Improve your stamina and your fitness
- Strengthen your bones and your muscles
- Give an opportunity to enjoy fresh air and nature
- Lower your risk of lifestyle diseases
- Give an opportunity to socialize when walking with others


Some simple steps to walk safely, healthy and correctly

- Start with an easy 10-15 min walk to warm up your muscles
- Wear comfortable shoes
- To keep your upper body active you can swing your arms as you step
- Let your spine rotate gently as you walk for releasing tensions
- Walk with relaxed shoulders held slightly back
- Look ahead and up, keeping your head in a good posture - Enjoy the nature and surroundings
- Walk mindful and give time to be aware of your surroundings
- Wear bright or reflective clothing when it is dark

Simple steps to add 2000 steps to your day

1. Take the stairs whenever you can
2. Walk short office walks during your working day
3. Get off the bus a stop or two before your destination
4. Walk the perimeter of your grocery store before you shop
5. Replace one 30-minute TV show or sofa time with a nice walk with your family in the neighborhood

Before you start a walking program, check with your physician if you have special health needs or challenges.



Practical Info

Duration: Individual study progression

Pre-requisites: None. You will need a pedometer or app that counts your daily steps.

Place: Online


Investment: GBP 65-

Bank account: IBAN: NO4894900600822