What is Neuro Tapping?

Neuro Tapping, or Neuro Linguistic Tapping is a therapeutic treatment that integrates techniques from NLP, meridian systems and time-based techniques. By combining the best elements from various therapies, a greater overall therapeutic effect can be achieved than simply adopting one of them. Through Neuro Tapping one can quickly create positive changes to deal with various challenges.

Neuro Tapping is an effective tool for self-help and coping. It is suitable to change undesirable behaviours and emotions associated with work with traumas or destructive thoughts. It is a method used to generate positive thoughts and beliefs that support the quality of life. Neuro Tapping has proved particularly effective on work with issues such as anxiety, PTSD, stress and phobias combined with other treatment techniques.

5 success criteria:
1. You can learn it quickly
2. Powerful tools for self-help
3. Works Inter-culturally
4. You need not so much language
5. It is tested in various issues and challenges

Neuro Tapping is often used in stress management, personal development, self-help, and empowerment. It is easy and fun to learn.

You learn quick and effective change techniques that work directly with the body´s unconscious neurological processes. You learn techniques that give your mind positive thoughts, beliefs and behavioural patterns. Neuro Tapping is also a powerful social tool that has great potential to help many.

You stimulate certain meridian points to treat stress – especially emotional stress and trauma. When identifying and dealing with significant emotional events that influence undesirable behaviour, you can achieve new mastering and create more resource-filled thoughts and actions.

Practical Info