The teachings are based on traditional knowledge, skills, practices, theories, beliefs and experiences from different spiritual, traditional and indigenous cultures, used in the promotion and maintenance of health.

The body-mind-spirit connection and the individual's ability to regulate biological and physiological processes (PNI = Psycho Neuro Immunology), awareness of thoughts, attitudes, lifestyles and activities are in focus.

The training is developed and facilitated by graduate teachers and experienced practitioners with regard to content, standards and ethics. Focus is on subjective experience - the whole living, breathing, sensing individual.

The training and practices are complementary and not alternative to conventional medical treatment. This Certified Meta Health Practitioner training is ideal for those wishing to acquire tools for both self help and to support others, and to explore personal spirituality and the inherent aspects of being.

The training is based upon an understanding of the body-mind-spirit connection, and the importance and influence of personal and global paradigms in health matters. Students acquire both knowledge and practical tools for health, healing, personal development and mastery.




Part 1
Therapeutic communication
Breathing & breathing techniques
Stillness & Relaxation
Hands-on healing
Group healing
Crystal Healing

Part 2
TFT/EFT & Neuro Tapping
Meditation as Medicine
The Power of the Thought
Stress management
Empowerment, coping & health promotion
Self-insight and therapeutic resources

Part 3
Drum Journeys
Traditional healing methods
Sound healing
PNI (Psycho Neuro Immunology)
NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
Professional Practice

Obligatoriske e-kurs:
Compulsory Courses
Paradigm Healing
Holistic Anatomy & Physiology
Universal laws
Crystal healing

Certification Criteria:
Participation in 3 modules
6 compulsory online courses
3 free online courses
1 Creative Project Course
75 documented practice sessions


The training is well suited for people who want both theoretical knowledge and practical skills in healing.

The training format is a combination of collections with personal attendance and accessible online studies.

The training follows the Guidelines of The World Health Organisation (WHO) for empowerment and health promotion. Healing Academy training is no substitute for medical or psychological treatment. The training is also suitable for health professionals who want TCM (Traditional & Complementary Medicine).

The training is approved by Nordic Healing Association. Nordic Healing Association has been approved by the Directorate of Health as a performer organization. The training qualifies for full membership in the organization.



Practical Info

Accredited online training.

This training awards 100 CPD (Continuous Professional Development) points


Investment: GBP 3015,-

Bank account: IBAN: NO4894900600822

After you have paid the course fee please send an email to: 
Your login details will then be forwarded to you and you can commence your study.