Welcome the The Paradigm Academy online course Paradigm Health & Healing. The course can be taken independently or as a part of the training to becoming Certified Wellness Practitioner & Certified Meta Health Practitioner.

In this course we will guide you to take part of the basics in healing work and health promotion. We look forward to this journey together and hope you will enjoy learning more.

Healing is part of ancient healing traditions around the world and it is a fascinating field to work with. Learning about healing is close to exploring boundaries of consciousness and beyond and to journey between the worlds of energy and form.

During this course you will learn the foundations and wisdom in health promotion and healing, so that you are able to integrate it in your own life.

Learning objectives
• You will develop your understanding about basics of health promotion and healing
• You will journey through guided meditations and information about healing to integrate healing wisdom in your own life
• You will develop your awareness how healing can be part of everyday life

Examination and assessment
You will listen to meditations, audio files, read ebooks and work on study assignments for completing this course.

We wish you welcome and hope you will enjoy the healing journey of learning and exploration.



Practical Info

Duration: Individual study progression

Pre-requisites: None.

Place: Online


Investment: GBP 150-

Bank account: IBAN: NO4894900600822