Paradigm's multi-national, multi-professional team is highly qualified. Our team is dedicated, passionate and committed to delivering trainings of the very highest quality. We are accredited and/or members of the following professional organisations:

Nordic Healing Association

Doctor Healer Network

The Norwegian Association of Coaching & NLP

The Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming International (ANLP)

CPD Standards

British Psychology Society

Our team members are also academically educated and accomplished within the fields of health, health promotion, public health, hypnotherapy, spirituality and metaphysics.

Paradigm’s reputation for delivering high quality trainings for more than 20 years is grounded in their supportive, ethical approach and professional “track record”. Our Certified Trainers hold 13 university degrees from BSc to PhDs in Education, Law, Medicine, Physiotherapy, Coaching, Public Health, Sociology, Psychology & Metaphysics.

We are a friendly, highly supportive team of ethical, congruent and compassionate individuals. All are interprofessional models of excellence with decades of experience in their respective fields of law, medicine, aviation, teaching, physiotherapy, metaphysics, psychology, public health & sociology - and they are committed to teaching you to bring forth the very best in you!


Gillian Godtfredsen

Ph.D Holistic Life Coaching, M.Sc. MNHA, MNFCN, MANLP

Gillian is the Founder of The Paradigm Academy and Nordic Coach & NLP Academy. Doctor of Metaphysics, Author, Mentor, Lecturer, Developer of Accredited Trainings in Healing, Integretive Energy Medicine and Health Promotion. Spiritual Teacher, Certified NLP Master Trainer, Certified Humanistic NLP Trainer. Registered Health Coach, Approved Healer. Founding member of The Norwegian Healing Association and The Norwegian Association for Coaching & NLP.


Melinda Merunada

Ph.D, M.Sc, M.Ed, MBPsS, MNHA, MNFCN, Physiotherapist

Melinda is the Study Director and co-owner of The Paradigm Academy and Nordic Coach & NLP Academy. PhD in Metaphysics, Master of Psychology, Master in Public Health, Master of Education, Master in Adult Education, Certified NLP Master Trainer, Physiotherapist, Author, Lecturer in Health Sciences and Research Methods. Training Developer, Registered Health Coach, Approved Healer. Over 20 years of continuous university studies Eternal student currently taking 4 different Master's degrees at large European universities.