Healing Massage

Welcome the The Paradigm Academy online course in Healing Massage. This course may be taken independently or as a part of an internationally accredited training as a Certified Wellness Practitioner & Certified Meta Health Practitioner.

Human beings need to experience touch – from birth and throughout their whole life - to grow, develop, to mature, to survive, to thrive. Touching with the intention of healing is probably the oldest of all healing traditions. The oldest written records of massage go back 3000 years to China, but of course it is much older than that. Touch and the laying on of hands are human needs that are part of our genetic makeup. Physicians and healers of all forms and from all cultures have used hands-on healing methods throughout history. Healing Massage is a soft form of massage combined with healing, which is highly relaxing and creates balance and peace in body, mind and soul. Healing Massage restores the natural flow of energy in the body, and the body strengthens its energy. This leads to a stronger immune system and strengthens the body´s ability to self-healing and restoration. It can also have an emotional healing effect.

Healing Massage is effective in reducing stress, muscle tensions, pains, neck and back stiffness and improper breathing. It suits well for people that want to acquire personal wellness, peace and balance. It will gibe an instant feeling of relaxation and wellness.


During this course you will gain knowledge and practice of the wisdom of healing massage, so that you are able to integrate it into your own life.

Learning objectives

• You will develop your understanding about healing massage and how it is practiced
• You will acquire information, knowledge and practical skills about healing massage and energy work to integrate wisdom and skills from healing massage into your own life
• You will develop heightened awareness of how this ancient healing practice is relevant in today´s life

Examination and assessment

Ebooks, audio files and videos will be provided to teach you all you need to know in order to complete the study assignments for certification.

We wish you a warm welcome and hope you will enjoy the exploration and practice of healing massage.

Practical Info